3/25/2021 2:48:05 PM

Sending a Notification from you Unity game is very easy using the Unity Mobile Notifications package. This code will setup a scheduled notification to go out at 10:30 AM.


  1. Install Unity Mobile Notifications Package from the Package Manager.
  2. Configure the Unity Mobile Notifications Package in the Unity Editor including notification icons (just plain images).
  3. Create an empty Game Object on your Home Scene (ex: NotificationManager).
  4. Create the script below and attach to empty Game Object (ex: NotificationManager.cs - I put this in a subfolder "Components").
using System; using UnityEngine; using Unity.Notifications.Android; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace MyAmazingGame.Components { public class NotificationManager : MonoBehaviour { static List<string> Handled_Ids = new List<string>(); string _Channel_Id = "notify_daily_reminder"; string _Icon_Small = "notify_icon_small"; //this is setup under Project Settings -> Mobile Notifications string _Icon_Large = "notify_icon_large"; //this is setup under Project Settings -> Mobile Notifications string _Channel_Title = "Daily Reminders"; string _Channel_Description = "Get daily updates to see anything you missed."; void Start() { Debug.Log("NotificationManager: Start"); //always remove any currently displayed notifications Unity.Notifications.Android.AndroidNotificationCenter.CancelAllDisplayedNotifications(); //check if this was openened from a notification click var notification_intent_data = AndroidNotificationCenter.GetLastNotificationIntent(); //this is just for debugging purposes if (notification_intent_data != null) { Debug.Log("notification_intent_data.Id: " + notification_intent_data.Id); Debug.Log("notification_intent_data.Channel: " + notification_intent_data.Channel); Debug.Log("notification_intent_data.Notification: " + notification_intent_data.Notification); } //if the notification intent is not null and we have not already seen this notification id, do something //using a static List to store already handled notification ids if (notification_intent_data != null && NotificationManager.Handled_Ids.Contains(notification_intent_data.Id.ToString()) == false) { NotificationManager.Handled_Ids.Add(notification_intent_data.Id.ToString()); //this logic assumes only one type of notification is shown //show high scores when the user clicks the notification UnityEngine.SceneManagement.SceneManager.LoadScene("HighScores"); return; } else { Debug.Log("notification_intent_data is null or already handled"); } //dont do anything further if the user has disabled notifications //this assumes you have additional ui to enabled/disable this preference var allow_notifications = PlayerPrefs.GetString("notifications"); if (allow_notifications ?.ToLower() == "false") { Debug.Log("Notifications Disabled"); return; } this.Setup_Notifications(); } internal void Setup_Notifications() { Debug.Log("NotificationsManager: Setup_Notifications"); //initialize the channel this.Initialize(); //schedule the next notification this.Schedule_Daily_Reminder(); } void Initialize() { Debug.Log("NotificationManager: Initialize"); //you could create platform specific logic, for now, we will just do Android //#if UNITY_ANDROID || UNITY_EDITOR // this.Initialize_Android(); //#elif UNITY_IPHONE //#endif //add our channel //a channel can be used by more than one notification //you do not have to check if the channel is already created, Android OS will take care of that logic var androidChannel = new AndroidNotificationChannel(this._Channel_Id, this._Channel_Title, this._Channel_Description, Importance.Default); AndroidNotificationCenter.RegisterNotificationChannel(androidChannel); } void Schedule_Daily_Reminder() { Debug.Log("NotificationManager: Schedule_Daily_Reminder"); //since this is the only notification I have, I will cancel any currently pending notifications //if I create more types of notifications, additional logic will be needed AndroidNotificationCenter.CancelAllScheduledNotifications(); //create new schedule string title = "We Miss You!"; string body = "Come Back! Come Back! Come Back!"; //show at the specified time - 10:30 AM //you could also always set this a certain amount of hours ahead, since this code resets the schedule, this could be used to prompt the user to play again if they haven't played in a while DateTime delivery_time = new DateTime(DateTime.Now.Year, DateTime.Now.Month, DateTime.Now.Day, 10, 30, 0); if (delivery_time < DateTime.Now) { //if in the past (ex: this code runs at 11:00 AM), push delivery date forward 1 day delivery_time = delivery_time.AddDays(1); } else if ((delivery_time - DateTime.Now).TotalHours <= 0) { //optional //if too close to current time (<= 4 hours away), push delivery date forward 1 day delivery_time = delivery_time.AddDays(1); } Debug.Log("Delivery Time: " + delivery_time.ToString()); //you currently do not need the notification id //if you had multiple notifications, you could store this and use it to cancel a specific notification var scheduled_notification_id = Unity.Notifications.Android.AndroidNotificationCenter.SendNotification( new Unity.Notifications.Android.AndroidNotification() { Title = title, Text = body, FireTime = delivery_time, SmallIcon = this._Icon_Small, LargeIcon = this._Icon_Large }, this._Channel_Id); } } }